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A man who knows how to stop drinking holds up his hand to decline a drink being offered to him.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Maybe you’ve noticed the term “Dry January” popping up in the news and on social media, or perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag #SoberCurious in your feed recently. Maybe you haven’t and just decided to cut back or quit drinking alcohol on your own. Either way, it’s becoming increasingly popular to cut back, take an entire …

Red and blue silhouettes of a woman's head, one with a depiction of a brain inside and the other with a depiction of a tangled mass.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When it comes to treating substance abuse and addiction, many (if not most) patients we see come into treatment not only struggling to control their alcohol or drug use, but also dealing with one or more co-occurring mental health conditions – a situation known as a dual diagnosis. Dual-diagnosis treatment is the method of treating …

Man with a beard smoking weed in a joint.

How to Quit Smoking Weed

For many Americans (as much 12% of the population, according to the most recent Gallup poll), smoking weed is considered a harmless way to unwind and reduce stress, treat pain, or party. Unfortunately, many who start using it recreationally end up smoking more and more until it’s an everyday thing. Then, when they want to …

Hands of someone California Sober, holding a burning joint in one and a tall glass of beer in the other.

What is “California Sober”?

What does California Sober mean? California Sober (or Cali Sober for short) is a slang term that’s a way of saying someone doesn’t use hard drugs (i.e., stimulants, opioids) but they still partake in “soft” drugs like marijuana – and, depending on whose definition you’re going off, alcohol. Some even include occasional use of hallucinogens …