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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment at Enterhealth Ranch

Residential Treatment Focused on

Mental & Physical Health

Unlike traditional inpatient rehab facilities that focus on counseling and a one-size-fits-all 12-step model, Enterhealth embraces the latest National Institute of Health (NIH) research to take a medical approach to treat drug and alcohol addiction as a brain disease.

Private, Personalized Drug and Substance Abuse Treatment

Under the direction of the Enterhealth’s board-certified experts, our residential treatment center offers highly personalized inpatient addiction care that’s on your side, not on the clock.

Our attentive, personalized treatment is provided in a unique, peaceful ranch setting – the ideal environment to promote health and healing – designed to provide an unmatched level of privacy, exclusivity, and comfort. Treating our patients with dignity and respect, we provide every patient with a private room, top-notch amenities, and 24/7 access to addiction-trained specialists who deliver science-based treatments, comprehensive care, and compassion.

Conveniently located for patients living in North Texas and traveling from afar, Enterhealth Ranch is located in Van Alstyne, Texas, just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. Comprehensive on-site services include supervised drug and alcohol detox, medical and psychological assessments, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, life skills coaching and individual, group and family therapy.

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Enterhealth Ranch Inpatient Amenities

Enterhealth’s professional staff provides a full suite of comprehensive services, purpose-designed facilities, and luxury amenities for healing:

Enterhealth Provides Structured Inpatient Recovery Programs

While a stay at Enterhealth Ranch does allow for private time and constructive reflection, the intense treatment of all aspects of your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction will keep them occupied with a full schedule of daily, structured activities, all supervised by the attentive, caring Enterhealth Ranch staff. Although each patient is unique, most schedules call for 50-plus hours per week of activities, including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, evaluations, presentations, medical treatments, classes, and more. Most days begin at 7:30 a.m. and end with lights out at 10:30 p.m.

Because they begin with the knowledge that addiction is a brain disease, they employ the latest medical advances to combat the damage done to the brain's neurotransmitters. This helps to restore serotonin levels and combat cravings, giving the brain a chance to heal so that recovery can move forward.


Enterhealth Ranch is the top addiction treatment because of the comprehensiveness of the program, its practices, its scientific approach, its dual-diagnosis specialization and the skill level of their physicians and therapists.

DR. WALTER LINGProfessor of Psychiatry, UCLA

A visionary facility, Enterhealth Ranch is raising the bar in drug and alcohol addiction treatment by providing the best outcomes. As the choice for employees of Baylor Health Care System, as well as the students and faculty of Southern Methodist University, I truly believe it will soon be the country’s leading addiction recovery management program.

ALBERT BLACKSystem Chair, Baylor Healthcare System
Man and woman standing in the sun by private cabins talking.

Our Approach And Commitment Lead To Better Outcomes

We believe you can get well and we will stop at nothing to help you recover. From the beginning, we’ve taken a different approach to effectively treat addiction, which led to our creation of the Enterhealth Brain Healing Institute.

Starting with research from the National Institutes of Health, we designed an evidence-based treatment program and protocols – based on the fact addiction is a treatable brain disease – which completely revolve around patient and family care. Our 84% percent recovery outcomes are a testament of our approach, industry leadership, and relentless pursuit of better outcomes, including yours.

For more information, download this Outcomes PDF.



In-depth Assessments



SMART focuses on learning coping skills that work well short- and long-term. Based on what addiction science has shown to be effective, SMART has adapted tools for change. Not much concerned with the past, except to learn from it. Focused on present-day events and the causes of self-destructive behaviors. SMART concentrates on what to do about them to achieve a positive lifestyle change, especially in the areas of our lives that are related to harmful addictive behavior.

Key Areas of Awareness and Change

SMART Recovery’s approach to behavioral change is built around our 4-Point Program®: (1) Building and maintaining the motivation to change. (2) Coping with urges to use. (3) Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in an effective way without addictive behaviors. (4) Living a balanced, positive, and healthy life.

Motives and Goals

Motivation is a key element in nearly all you do. Consider that all human beings share several primary goals: survival, the avoidance of pain, happiness. Any addictive behaviors you engage in are to pursue these primary goals. We can help you see that you may be meeting these goals short-term but impairing your ability to meet them in the long-term.


What you believe about addiction is important, and there are many beliefs to choose from. You may believe, for example, that you’re powerless, or that after the first drink you lose all control and can’t stop. These beliefs may actually be damaging to you. Similar examples include, “I’ve tried and failed, so I can’t do it. I need alcohol to cope.” Or, “Because I’ve tried to quit and failed, I’m no good.” Those beliefs, and many like them, can’t be justified because the evidence just doesn’t support them. We will help you identify, examine, and modify your beliefs about yourself, your problems, and how to change.


People often engage in addictive behavior to cope with emotional problems, including anger, guilt, anxiety, and low self-esteem. SMART Recovery teaches you how to diminish your emotional disturbances and increase self-acceptance. Then you can have greater motivation and the ability to change and to live more happily.


Changes in thinking and emotions alone are not enough. Commitment and follow-through are essential. We encourage participants to become involved in enjoyable activities that replace their problematic addictive behaviors.

How SMART Provides Help

Our meeting format is straightforward and organized. Our facilitators are trained to follow the SMART Recovery program and principles to help participants change their behavior. Some of them have had addictive problems, and some haven’t. That doesn’t seem to make any difference. Remember, SMART Recovery is a mental health and educational program, focused on changing human behavior. SMART Recovery meetings are serious but often fun. We don’t dredge up the past, about which we can do nothing. We can do something about the present and the future. Our meeting discussions focus on how to apply SMART’s tools for change so that you can go on to lead a more productive and connected life. Near the end of the meeting, the “hat” is passed for donations, which are encouraged but not required.



Young woman with long dark hair lying on a bed in a private room reading a book.

Private Rooms

Enterhealth Ranch is purposely designed with you in mind. Starting with appointed private rooms, we provide you with the privacy and dignity you deserve, as well as your personal space for relaxation and healing. While you focus on your recovery, we take care of everything else: cleaning services and access to top-notch amenities designed for your comfort.

Enterhealth Private Rooms Include:
  • A comfortable full-size bed
  • A private bathroom
  • Cable television

And, just outside your door, you can enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, or a workout in our fitness center. Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of 43 acres of beautiful, serene land that includes miles of walking and running trails and plenty of places to sit, relax and reflect.

Sustainable Sobriety Through Holistic Diet & Lifestyle

Enterhealth’s approach to sustainable sobriety integrates all components of a healthy lifestyle. This includes powerful tools to help change the emotional, physical, spiritual, and nutritional habits you may have so that you can achieve true, sustained recovery.

Because drug and alcohol addiction can deplete the body’s essential nutrients, diet plays a critical role in rehabilitation. We provide healthy chef-prepared meals and teach you how to eat better. In our fitness center, we will create a customized, consistent exercise regime to help you accelerate the whole-being healing of your physical body.

To provide ongoing care for your mind, support from your peers, and support from our professional staff, our outpatient rehab program offers a suite of continuing care services, as well as activities through the Enterhealth Alumni Association. After you leave the Ranch, we want you prepared to live a better, healthier lifestyle and attain a sustained recovery.

Chef at Enterhealth Ranch presenting patient with delicious plate of food.
Conveniently located for patients living in North Texas traveling from afar, Enterhealth Ranch is located in Van Alstyne, Texas, just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and an easy drive from DFW International and Dallas Love Field airports. Our physical address is at 524 North Lincoln Park Road.

Enterhealth Inpatient Payment Information

Our goal is to provide care that is second to none to help more people find a fulfilling life in recovery. Our Admissions team works with several different insurance companies to review costs and payment options. When insurance coverage doesn’t apply, we help patients and families find financing and payment options to make treatment more affordable.

Please call us today at 1.800.388.4601 to talk to one of our admission specialists about your particular situation and payment options so we can get you on the road to recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer all of your questions so that you’ll have confidence in selecting our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and for you to have a comfortable, healing experience at Enterhealth Ranch.


We understand that residential drug and alcohol treatment is disruptive to families, careers and everyday life. But that’s the point. If a thorough assessment leads to a medical prescription or recommendation of residential care for your loved one, it’s because their brain needs disrupting in order to break the harmful patterns it has created. Every patient is unique, of course, but medical studies show that the optimal amount of time needed to reboot the brain’s chemistry and rewire its neurological pathways is about 45 to 90 days. A recent report by the U.S. Surgeon General supports that longer stays lead to more promising outcomes. We realize that sounds like a lot, but isn’t two to three months of effort now worth a lifetime of sobriety?

Additionally, people who enter residential treatment typically have problems that require combined medical, psychological and/or physical therapies over a sustained period of time in a controlled environment. Residential treatment is often the most practical and effective course of action.


It’s an unfortunate myth that an addicted individual must hit “rock bottom” to be ready for treatment. Helping your loved one get help early in their addiction cycle will result in fewer accompanying psychological and physical problems and a better prognosis for long-term recovery. Furthermore, “rock bottom” is a dangerous place to be; for many addicts, that point is when a near-fatal or fatal overdose, serious accident or criminal justice consequence has occurred.


Calling may seem difficult especially during a time of crisis, but we are here to listen and to help. Whether you, a family member, a co-worker or a friend are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs, we are here for you. We’ve assisted thousands of people by assessing the situation and walking them through viable options. With this first contact, we will find the right solution for your unique situation and guide you through the next steps.
Calling us is also a great way to get answers to your questions about the admissions process or to arrange a personal tour of our facilities.

Call 1.800.388.4601 day or night, or you can go to our Contact page and fill out the online form, or send us an email.


While participating in the Enterhealth Ranch residential treatment program, we want our clients to be comfortable. To that end, we encourage you to pack a few personal items.

What to bring to Enterhealth Ranch

All bedding, towels, pillows, writing materials, and alarm clocks will be provided. But you should bring clothes for approximately 7-14 days. There is a laundry room available and all laundry supplies (detergent, stain remover, starch, iron and ironing board) will be provided. Pack toiletries, a personal blanket (if desired), a small amount of cash or
credit cards, any sentimental items, photos, comfortable clothes, tennis shoes and a sweater or jacket depending upon season. During summer, guests can take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool – ladies are encouraged to bring one-piece bathing suits; gentlemen may bring swim trunks.

Other useful items include:

  • Recovery-related books or literature
  • Books or magazines
  • Stationery and stamps
  • A personal journal or diary
  • Hair dryer
  • Musical instruments
  • Family or personal photos
  • Please bring all your current medications that you are taking for any reason, including over-thecounter vitamins and supplements, and any sprays or creams that you use routinely.
  • Please inform intake staff of any special medical equipment you currently use to determine
    whether you will need to bring it upon entering treatment.

What NOT to Bring to Enterhealth Ranch

For the safety and confidentiality of our patients, please do not bring the following items:

  • Alcohol, drug products or paraphernalia
  • Weapons or firearms
  • Valuables (expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash)
  • Apple watches/Fitbits – no devices with texting capabilities
  • Cologne/perfume
  • Cameras or audio/video/recording equipment
  • Aerosol spray products – hairspray, deodorant, etc.
  • Mouthwash or hand sanitizer that contains alcohol
  • Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, sex or violence
  • Food or beverages
  • Vehicles – patients’ cars are not allowed at the Ranch


Yes. In fact, family involvement improves recovery outcomes, which is why our treatment program includes a very robust Family Involvement program.


Absolutely.  We work with a large number of referral sources including doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors. Please read more information on our Referring Professionals page.

Next Steps

Want to find out more about our programs or hear what our patients think about our residential drug and alcohol treatment program? Explore these options using the links below.