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The better the addiction assessment, the better the results

Based on findings from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), addiction is now understood to be a treatable brain disease – it’s a complex, chronic and progressive medical condition requiring innovative, science-based diagnostic tools and assessments to inform the highest quality treatment and care.

Because substance abuse is often fueled by underlying psychiatric conditions, it’s important to uncover the unique characteristics surrounding each patient’s condition. The Enterhealth treatment approach begins with a comprehensive medical and psychological drug and alcohol addiction assessment including:

When conducting an evaluation, we take into account all physical, psychological, spiritual and relational aspects of a patient’s life. This in-depth assessment allows our physicians, psychiatrists and therapists to develop a highly personalized treatment plan that is exactly the right plan for your loved one.

Once a personalized addiction treatment plan is completed, the patient’s progress is regularly monitored – and treatment is coordinated – by our entire medical, psychological and therapeutic team.

Our therapists provide regular feedback, including ongoing assessments of mood, level of engagement with treatment, rapport with therapists and other patients, physical health, completion of recovery assignments and response to anti-addiction medications. All information is consolidated into a personal feedback report that will inform the patient and family of recovery progress.

For more than a decade, Enterhealth has provided a holistic, evidence-based alternative to traditional 12-step programs at its residential and outpatient facilities. Enterhealth’s approach combining the latest advancements in medicine with evidence-based therapies has been proven more effective and dramatically increases the chance of long-term recovery.

Think you or a loved one may have a problem with drug or alcohol use?