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A range of treatment options for you and your family.

Each person’s path to addiction is unique with different neurological, emotional, social and environmental contributing factors. That’s why the Enterhealth journey to recovery is personalized to meet individuals and families where they are. Whether you need immersive inpatient care or outpatient treatment, we offer a range of evidence-based addiction treatment programs and innovative therapies.

Enterhealth is the only facility with highly trained on-site addiction specialists, including PhDs, MDs and Master’s Level Therapists, who coordinate care at every stage. Because we understand the science behind addiction, we are best equipped to assess and treat individuals and families. Contact us to see why we’re the only facility with an 84% success rate.

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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

A full continuum of care: Real treatment. Real recovery.

Residential Treatment

Enterhealth Ranch offers inpatient care that’s on your side, not on the clock. It’s a nurturing environment where treatment is highly personalized and intensified. Every patient has a private room and 24/7 access to addiction trained specialists who use evidence-based treatments and comprehensive care, including medical detox, in-depth medical and psychological assessments, individual and group therapies, life skills and more.

Outpatient Treatment

Enterhealth’s Outpatient Center of Excellence, conveniently located in the Park Cities, is expertly staffed with board-certified addiction specialists. Our comprehensive program is designed for continued recovery care and provides individuals and families the support they need to reconnect with each other and thrive in recovery.

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Understanding your story. Advancing your recovery.

Enterhealth treats addiction as a chronic brain disease. Starting with psychological assessments, we dig deep to understand not only how your brain works, but also how other factors in your life contribute to your disease. Learning your whole story helps us pinpoint the deep physical and emotional connections your brain has with the abusive substance. Then, we design a personalized plan to help you break free.

We will stop at nothing to help you heal.

We believe you can get well, and we will stop at nothing to help you recover. From the beginning, we’ve taken a different approach to effectively treat addiction. Starting with research from the National Institutes of Health, we designed an evidence-based treatment program and protocols that completely revolve around patient and family care.

Our continuum of care goes far beyond traditional programs and includes intensive inpatient care at Enterhealth Ranch, continued care through Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence and can include our innovative Teletherapy Services.

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Addictions by Type

Substance abuse comes in many forms, but the common denominator is the fact that you can’t stop and you need help. Enterhealth understands how different substances affect the brain, and our highly trained addiction specialists can deliver a full continuum of care based around your unique addiction to deliver the best possible outcomes for recovery.