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Determining Root Causes of Mental Illness to Treat it From the Bottom Up

An accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective mental health treatment for several reasons. First and foremost, it enables our team to personalize elements of treatment plans, including treatment types and duration, as well as medications prescribed. It also cuts downs on time wasted on unproductive courses of treatment and empowers patients to engage in treatment by helping them understand why they think and feel the way they do.

In the current landscape of mental health treatment, most providers take a top-down approach, making the initial diagnosis and then focusing almost solely on how to change one’s thinking.

At Enterhealth, we turn that model on its head, starting with identifying all the root causes of a mental health condition – whether they are mental, physical, emotional – so we can begin healing core issues from the bottom up.

Woman resting face on clasped hands with tears in her eyes.

We also take into consideration that poor concentration, unawareness of thoughts and feelings, and unpleasant or disturbing physical sensations are often a result of mental health issues. That’s why our team also focuses on treating any underlying physical ailments and providing patients with insights into how internal health and somatic sensations impact their perception and overall mental health.

By focusing on all these areas, we’re not only able to provide effective short-term treatment, but also equip patients with the tools, understanding, and awareness to promote long-term healing and prevent future disruption to their lives.

Bust of a woman with a shining illustration of a brain where her brain would be.

Components of Mental Health Diagnosis at Enterhealth

At Enterhealth, we use a range of diagnostic tools to identify the root causes of mental health issues. Based on the information gathered, our team then develops individualized treatment plans designed to address the unique needs of each patient.

Our goal is to provide a more personalized, integrative approach to mental health care that emphasizes prevention, lifestyle changes, and addresses the underlying causes of mental health issues.

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