Keeping you connected to your recovery

Enterhealth Alumni Association logo with red and white Enterhealth logo on a red key.

Recovery from substance use disorder dramatically improves with the support of family and friends, especially from those who are on the same path. The Enterhealth Alumni Association offers a unique opportunity for our patients to continue and thrive in recovery by building relationships through shared experiences.

Although Enterhealth supports the Alumni Association, it is primarily led by former patients who genuinely understand recovery’s peaked and valleyed terrain and can provide opportunities to stay in touch, enjoy good company, and support each other through the good and challenging times.

Being part of the Enterhealth Alumni Association allows participants to rebuild their senses of identity, gain insight and support on transitioning to home life, and learn from others who have been there and can truly shed light on what it takes to succeed in recovery.

As a member, you’ll have access to our own private events calendar, support resources, and more! Joining the Alumni Association is free, and while some activities may have a nominal cost, most are free.


Mission and benefits

The Enterhealth Alumni Association provides connections between all alumni, offering support when needed and a path toward community enhancement.

By using all of the tools learned at Enterhealth together, we can live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives. We are here to help others in their recoveries, one moment at a time.

  • Enterhealth’s commitment to supporting your recovery and brain health doesn’t stop at discharge. We remain committed to providing you a lifetime of healing support.
  • We aspire to promote fellowship, connection, and hope for those in recovery.
  • The Alumni Association enables former patients to more easily maintain relationships they made while in treatment, make new friends who are also former patients, and foster lifetime friendships.
  • Alumni activities and programming help former patients maintain sobriety by providing connection, advice, encouragement and sober activities.
  • The Alumni Association helps maintain contact between patients and staff and stay updated on all of the latest activities, reunions, programming, and information.

Typical activities

Group activities, mostly chosen by its alumni members, are designed for socialization, support, and honoring growth and success.


  • Group activities
  • Reunions
  • Movie nights
  • Dining out
  • Cultural arts events
  • Volunteering
  • Sport activities

Supporting Others

  • Speak at professional or community event with Enterhealth staff
  • Facilitate AA/SMART meeting at Enterhealth Ranch
  • Facilitate AA/SMART meeting at Enterhealth Outpatient
  • Speak at Family Day
  • Speak at Family Group
  • Reach out to other alumni

Join our alumni association now to help maintain your healthy lifestyle.