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Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive and persistent feelings of fear, worry, and nervousness. There are many types of anxiety disorders, and while some are more common than others, all types cause a sense of distress and disturbance in our lives.

Anxiety disorders are often misunderstood. Many times, people mistake the symptoms for medical conditions or emergencies. We understand this, which is why we focus on helping patients discover methods to foster a sense of safety – in both mind and body.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with an anxiety disorder, call 1.800.388.4601 today for a free consultation. Our residential and outpatient mental health treatment facilities are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support on the path to recovery.

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Our Approach for Treating Anxiety Disorders

Modern treatment for anxiety disorders typically focuses on changing the way an individual thinks by looking at thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and events that shape their worldview and working to recondition the way the mind and body respond to help them begin experiencing life through a different lens.

Comprehensive Assessments

Evidence-Based Therapies

Medication Evaluation and Management

Relaxation and Stress-Reduction Techniques

Group Support

Lifestyle Modifications

Ongoing Outpatient Treatment