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Personality disorders are a group of mental health conditions characterized by enduring patterns of thoughts and behavior that deviate from societal expectations, causing significant distress and/or impairment in various areas of life. Patterns associated with personality disorders usually emerge in early adulthood and persist over time.

There are several types of personality disorders, and we believe that determining the correct diagnosis is critical, as it allows our team of experienced mental health professionals – including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and nurses – to formulate the most effective treatment plan.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with a personality disorder, call 1.800.388.4601 today for a free consultation. Our residential and outpatient mental health treatment facilities are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support on the path to recovery.

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Our Approach for Treating Personality Disorders

Our approach to treating personality disorders involves a combination of psychotherapy, medication when necessary, and a person-centered, holistic approach. We focus on understanding the underlying causes and patterns of dysfunctional behaviors, promoting self-awareness, and helping patients develop healthier coping mechanisms and adaptive interpersonal skills to improve their overall well-being and functioning.

Comprehensive Assessment & Diagnosis

Integrated Treatment Modalities

Medication Evaluation & Management

Education & Lifestyle Changes