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The Christian Broadcasting Network interviewed Dr. Harold Urschel III at the Enterhealth Ranch addiction treatment center about the dangerous consequences for women who drink. Dr. Urschel told CBN that alcohol has a greater effect on women because their bodies absorb 50% more alcohol per drink than do men’s bodies.

“Many people think that alcoholism is a moral weakness or even a sin. That’s kind of left over from decades worth of ignorance about what was going on in our brain,” Dr. Harold Urschel said. “We used to think the same about Parkinson’s or strokes, we didn’t know what was going on in the brain. The problem is, if you don’t have those types of functions in your brain, you’re going to act very similar to as if you had Alzheimer’s, where you’re not going to make good decisions, you’re not going to respond to appropriate rules in society.”

“And whereas people really understand, if they know you have Alzheimer’s and you’re running around without clothes on, they’re not going to punish you, they’re going to try and help you,” he continued. “Whereas if you’re an alcoholic or a drug addict and you have the same type of brain injury, you do something that’s inappropriate, you’re going to be punished.

“(Females) actually have more heart problems than men, they have osteoporosis, they have more liver issues, they have more immune system problems, they have more nerve problems,” Urschel said.

Watch the whole interview at CBN’s website: