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Enterhealth CEO David Kniffen Jr. was recently featured in an article for D Magazine highlighting David Kniffen Jr, President & CEO of Enterhealth.Enterhealth’s transformative approach to addiction and mental health treatment.

From private rooms to transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment, the article highlights our programs and our uncompromising commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.


How This Former Lawyer Is Transforming Addiction Treatment in North Texas

Richardson native and former SMU track athlete Dave Kniffen Jr. started his career with a boutique law firm but soon decided he didn’t want to spend his life practicing tax law.

He went looking for a different career direction but didn’t have to search far. He decided to join the marketing company his father founded, The Point Group. As he dove into the marketing and advertising world, he was introduced to a client named physician named Dr. Harold Urschel, a bestselling author and one of the foremost authorities on addiction treatment in the country.

Urschel happened to have an office on the same block as The Point Group, and as Kniffen helped him develop some communication platforms, he began to learn about addiction treatment. Discussions covered where people go to get care, what types of therapies exist, and the success rate of treatment in the field.

As he began understanding Urschel’s field, a personal tragedy would be the tipping point. A close family friend lost two children within nine months. One due to alcoholism, and another killed himself in front of his family during an intervention because of his drug use. “It was a catalyst for us thinking that we should take a closer look at this and see if we can do something for our community,” says Kniffen Jr.

The family didn’t start with a grand plan to take over the world of addiction treatment. Instead, they wanted to do something small and excellent.

Leaning on Kniffen’s father’s entrepreneurial acumen and Kniffen’s attorney-guided analytical skills, the family set out to build a residential campus that didn’t feel like a hospital and gave patients the dignity and respect they deserved, balancing green space with a clinical mindset. Soon the family settled on a 45-acre property near Van Alstyne, about an hour north of downtown Dallas on highway 75. The business would be called Enterhealth…

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