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Why You Should Choose Residential Drug or Alcohol Rehab

By November 15, 2015No Comments

We understand that residential drug or alcohol rehab can be disruptive to more than just your addiction. It’s disruptive to your family, your job and your everyday life. But that’s the point. 

Your brain needs disrupting in order to break the harmful patterns it has created. Medical studies show that the optimal amount of time needed to reboot your brain’s chemistry and rewire its pathways is about 45 to 90 days. We realize that sounds like a lot. But isn’t 2 to 3 months now worth a lifetime of sobriety?

People who enter residential drug or alcohol rehab treatment typically have problems that require combined medical, psychological, and/or physical therapies over a sustained period of time in a controlled environment. For those who may have already spent time, energy and money in 15 to 30 day residential treatment center, only to relapse – Enterhealth wants to help you put an end to relapse. When you try to short-change the system and ignore what decades of research proves works, you are really just short-changing yourself, your recovery and your relationships.

If you’re only able to stay in residential drug or alcohol rehab for 30 days, Enterhealth will certainly work with you because for many people, some residential treatment is always better than no residential treatment.  Enterhealth’s Outpatient services may be another option for you.  But the closer you can get to the 45 to 90 residential treatment days, followed by customized outpatient treatment, the better your odds are for long-term recovery; the more healing your brain will experience and the less likely you will be to relapse down the road.

We know once you start a residential drug or alcohol rehab program, you will try to rationalize staying as little as possible because your brain’s center for reasoning and logic is damaged. If it weren’t, then you could “logically” and “reasonably” look at your substance of choice and walk away. But you can’t. We know that the moment your residential rehab treatment starts to take hold and you start to “feel better” you will want to leave. To cure your illness, however, you have to understand that your brain is still damaged even though you “feel” better. 

So try to avoid acting based on how you “feel.” Listen to the addiction professionals at Enterhealth…at least for the first 45 to 90 days. Addiction hasn’t changed. But at Enterhealth, addiction treatment has.