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What Is Addiction?

By November 15, 2015July 13th, 2022No Comments

For some people, the use of alcohol and drugs can lead to a chronic disease or long-term illness that has serious medical and social consequences. There are no simple answers as to why some people develop an addiction and others don’t, but most experts agree that there are contributing psychological, biological and genetic components. Fortunately, with recent scientific advancements in our understanding of addiction, treatment programs that address both the biological and psychosocial dimensions can be very successful.

The first question most people encounter is, “Do I, or do I not, have a drinking or drug problem?”

There are four major types of symptoms of alcohol and drug addicts:

Loss of control— The inability to limit your use despite the negative consequences this use is causing you.
Cravings— An overwhelming psychological need or compulsion to drink or use any other mood-altering chemical substance.
Physical dependence— Withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shaking, or anxiety occur when you attempt to stop using.
Tolerance— The need for larger amounts of mood-altering chemicals to achieve the same magnitude of euphoria (a high).

At Enterhealth, we explore each of these symptoms and address them in a compassionate way through an individualized and practical treatment plan.  We understand that addiction is a chronic medical disease.  Through our innovative, scientifically tested treatment methods, we help restore your mind, body and human spirit.  We offer a reality based, scientific solution to your illness that gives you up to a 95% chance of long-term sobriety.

Think about these facts:

Were you aware up to 50% of all hospital admissions are for treatment caused or exacerbated by alcohol and drugs?

Are you surprised that 41% of alcoholics and drug addicts are professionals and white-collar workers?

Did you know in DFW alone, it’s estimated there are almost half a million alcoholics and addicts?

There is good news:

Recognizing your disease and doing something about it is the first step to recovery.  By being on this web site you’re already one step closer to a successful program of long-term sobriety.  Enterhealth’s goal is to make your sobriety successful and long-lasting, and to provide you hope and optimism for a formerly “untreated” illness.

To learn more about Enterhealth’s Residential or Outpatient drug and alchol rehabilitation programs, call 1.800.388.4601 or contact us using this form to talk to your trusted advisor, today!