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The family can make the difference

Because drug and alcohol addiction injures the brain, your loved one is struggling with brain disease and not thinking or acting logically. As a result of this change in behavior, the rest of the family naturally begins to adapt to the new chaotic and damaging lifestyle. So when the patient undergoes treatment, the family needs to do so as well.

Appropriate family involvement and treatment are critical components of long-term alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation. As part of the addiction recovery process at Enterhealth Ranch and Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence, we offer individualized family therapy sessions, as well as educational support for families in group settings. Patients and family members are taught to rebuild and establish healthy relationships by relearning healthy coping and communication skills.

Our program includes a number of therapeutic approaches that can help make your family healthy again, including individualized family therapy sessions and educational support for families in a group setting. Besides the obvious benefits that come from therapy, family involvement helps in a number of other ways:

  • It provides the Enterhealth staff with an opportunity to learn about the patient’s family.
  • It can facilitate compliance with treatment.
  • It offers the patient a chance to hear how the family experiences his or her addiction.
  • The family can gain knowledge and support from other families.
  • Family members can learn about behaviors to avoid that may be enabling.
  • Family members can learn about coping strategies.
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