Drug & Alcohol Treatment Overview

Personalized Rehabilitation Created by
medical experts to be more effective

Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are based on the twelve-step Alcoholics Anonymous approach, which hasn’t changed since its inception in 1935 and consistently fails to help patients stay sober more than 80% of the time. In the spring of 2006, in their quest to create a more effective treatment program, the founders of Enterhealth consulted some of the country's most experienced addiction treatment experts. This prestigious team – led by our Chief Medical Strategist Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA – included Deni Carise, PhD; Jeanne Obert, PhD, MFT; Walter Ling, MD; and Thomas McLellan, PhD.

Starting with the latest medical research from the National Institutes of Health identifying alcohol and drug dependency as a treatable chronic brain disease, they developed an evidence-based set of treatments and protocols that have proven to provide the best possible care for sustained recovery. 

Whereas twelve-step programs focus on “working the steps,” the Enterhealth drug and alcohol addiction program treats the disease of addiction as a chronic brain disease – and begins with a complete psychological and, in some cases, neurological assessments and the development of a personalized drug and alcohol treatment plan. The areas of the brain that sustain injury due to alcohol or drug addiction are those that form deep physical and emotional connections between the substance and the patient's sense of pleasure. These connections make it extremely difficult for your loved one to resist using the substance, based on very real and primal urges that can take more than a year to overcome before the brain is able to "reset" itself.

Using a combination of neuropsychology, medication and psychotherapy, we can shut down cravings for drugs or alcohol, giving the brain much needed time to heal. The latest scientific protocols and medical breakthroughs that block the effects of alcohol and drugs can also lessen the effects of withdrawal and decrease cravings and desires to use. 

At Enterhealth Ranch, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment approach can dramatically improve your loved one's opportunity for a life of sobriety. Enterhealth's drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is implemented by a full-time, on-site staff of addiction-trained experts, including psychiatric physicians, nurses, PhD- or Masters-level therapists, physical therapists, life skills coaches and other specialists. Our high physician/patient and therapist/patient ratios enable us to provide personalized, integrated recovery plans for each patient. The state-of-the-art program offered at Enterhealth Ranch and Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and effective addiction treatment programs in the country.


Traditional 12 Step Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program
Enterhealth Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program




Thorough Assessments
We perform an in-depth, comprehensive medical and psychological assessment, including personality and neurocognitive testing, an extensive psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, a baseline medical exam, laboratory testing, a fitness and nutritional evaluation, an addiction severity assessment and a quality-of-life assessment. This provides the necessary information our medical team needs to develop a completely personalized drug or alcohol addiction treatment plan.
Personalized Treatment Plans
Someone may say they’ve walked in your shoes but, the truth is, no one has. Our in-depth medical and psychological evaluation allows our addiction-trained psychiatrists and therapists to develop a highly personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan that is right for your loved one.
Drug & Alcohol Detox
Your loved one’s body and brain have become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol; stopping abruptly can be very painful or even life-threatening. Only a safe, supervised medical withdrawal stabilization (detox) that includes solutions to ease withdrawal and reduce cravings can get his or her brain to begin the long process of rebuilding itself.
Anti-Addiction Medications
During our medical detox and addiction treatment, we will, when appropriate, utilize a number of the latest proven anti-addiction medicines to reduce cravings and facilitate healing of the injured brain, all prescribed and managed by our team of board-certified, addiction-trained psychiatrists. Other medications may also be used to treat clinical symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and bipolar disorder, allowing us to better manage the addiction and any co-occurring disorders.
While most addiction treatment programs simply are not equipped to do so, Enterhealth Ranch can simultaneously treat addiction and any co-occurring psychiatric issues, such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders. We recognize that addiction is often a symptom of an underlying, treatable condition, and both brain illnesses need to be addressed simultaneously to obtain the best results.
Family Involvement
As family involvement and dynamics are critical components of the recovery process, we offer individualized family, group and couples therapy, as well as educational support for families in a group setting.