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Enterhealth is an exclusive, medically-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment provider with residential and outpatient facilities in the Dallas area, and we are always looking for exceptional talent to join our team. Our company is progressive and a proven industry leader – successful, well-respected and growing; we’d like to have you grow with us.

Our evidence-based treatment protocols were developed by a team of recognized addiction experts, and are based on the latest National Institutes of Health research that approaches addiction as a treatable brain disease. Our approach includes individualized treatment plans developed to meet the precise needs of each patient. Because of this unique approach, our talented team and our commitment to provide exceptional care, Enterhealth has proven to be more successful than traditional 12-step programs.

As a family-owned company, our mission is to provide the highest level of care to our patients, and their families. We only hire high-achieving professionals who are proactive, adaptable and filled with compassion, humility and enthusiasm. We offer competitive salaries, a supportive work environment and a comprehensive benefits package, including 401(k). Please read through the opportunities below and introduce yourself to us.


Enterhealth has a history of maintaining a strong team of Board Certified Psychiatrists and Addiction Psychiatrists. Servicing our inpatient and outpatient facilities, our psychiatrists have access to cutting edge treatments in order to foster the best possible outcome for our patients. Enterhealth psychiatrists are not restricted by insurance companies, and have the ability to spend the necessary time with each patient in order to determine the best course of treatment. Our psychiatrists commit to working with our patient population on a full time basis in order to provide consistency in treatment for our patients. They have a passion for our field, and enjoy the ability to practice the art of medicine.

Some Primary Duties Include:

·       Responsible for admission, diagnosis, medication management, and client care

·       Assists in overseeing nurse management, assessment, intervention, and crisis management

·       Participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of facility policies

·       Assists in the facilitation of special topic groups

·       Much more


·       Board certified in Psychiatry or Addiction Psychiatry

·       Basic understanding of pharmacology as it relates to individuals with a mental disorder

·       Basic understanding of the neurophysiology of addiction

·       Ability to perform age-appropriate assessments on clients

·       Must have a passion for patient care and thrive in a collaborative environment


Our primary therapists are a key factor in the success of our patients. At Enterhealth, our therapists have a passion for our patients and are allotted the time to utilize their skill set for each patient. 

Primary duties to clients and their families include:

  • psycho-social assessments
  • development of treatment plans
  • case management
  • crisis intervention
  • group, individual, family, and didactic sessions
  • discharge summary and planning
  • coordination of treatment services
  • provide client supervision


·      Current Licensure in the State of Texas (LPC, LMFT, LCSW)

·      At least 3 years of experience working with complicated mental health disorders, addiction experience preferred

·      Must have a passion for your patients and want to practice the art of therapy

  • Ability to establish and consistently enforce appropriate boundaries with clients
  • Ability to model positive behavior
LVN and RN

We are always looking to add more talented nurses to join our growing team. Our Enterhealth nursing team is made up of individuals that are passionate about their patients and want to provide top of the line care.

Primary Duties Include:

  • Provide nursing care adapted to individual patient needs based on the nursing process, which includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Direct patient care, including the reporting of observed changes in mental status and/or physical condition, response to emergencies, safety risks
  • Coordination with attending physicians to ensure all admission orders are addressed and appropriate ancillary assessments and services are provided
  • Complete documentation in an efficient and timely manner, including nursing assessments, transcription of M.D.s' phone orders, appropriate policies and procedures, medication administration sheets, progress relative to the client's treatment plan
  • Properly QA client medication sheets to determine if clients are receiving appropriate meds in a timely manner, including proper destruction of medication
  • Attendance and participation in terms of treatment planning conferences and professional staff meetings


  • Must be a graduate of an accredited nursing program
  • LVN or RN in the State of Texas
  • Desire to work with clients suffering from disease of addiction
  • Availability for full time or PRN shifts.

Our behavioral health technicians are the eyes and ears of our campus. They are responsible for promoting a safe and secure environment to provide for a safe delivery of care. Our behavioral health technicians may come from all professional backgrounds; however, they all have a passion for helping people.

Primary Duties Include:

·      Monitor environmental and campus safety and report concerns to appropriate departments for resolution

·      Ensure clients and facility are free of alcohol, drugs and/or contraband by following an aggressive search policy, this includes initial admit process for new clients, clients returning from pass, ongoing random searches, and for suspicion searches of living quarters and personal belongings

·      Support clinical staff and maintain client contact, including providing support to clients in times of stress

·      Participate in team meetings and quality improvement initiatives

·      Monitor client whereabouts by conducting rounds

·      Assist with client room changes/moves and document any damaged or missing items

·      Provide continuous client care, supervision, interaction, and role modeling


·      High school degree or equivalent

·      Strong communication skills

·      Chemical dependency/mental health technician experience and/or experience/education in crisis stabilization is a plus


Enterhealth is always looking for great human beings to join our growing team. Below you will find a list of teams with various positions that might be a good fit for you. If you have experience in the following areas, we encourage you to submit an application.
Culinary Team
Housekeeping Team
Administrative Team
Facilities/Maintenance Team
Sales/Referral Relations Team