Alcohol and drug abuse causes brain injuries that prevent our neurons from firing on all cylinders and negatively affects different areas of the brain – changing how we think, learn, feel and act – which in turn complicates the addiction recovery process. For most patients, it takes at least a year for the brain to heal and achieve optimal brain health; however, Neuromodulation can dramatically accelerate the healing process, often producing improvement in only four to six weeks.

Enterhealth is one of the first addiction treatment centers in the nation to use Neuromodulation, a medically advanced procedure which has effectively been used to treat injury or illnesses of the brain. From PTSD, ADHD, major depression, and other afflictions, this revolutionary treatment is a safe, non-invasive procedure which helps recalibrate and quickly restore the brain to its healthiest state possible.

Neuromodulation, also called Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy, combines personalized brain scanning (QEEG) analysis and proprietary data algorithms with a protocol of customized and concentrated magnetic pulses (TMS) to bring specific, important brain waves of the injured brain back into harmony. By doing so, it improves sleep and reduces stress/anxiety and depression, which are all key contributors to ongoing addiction and relapse. By restoring healthy sleep patterns and improving recall and thinking abilities, it can also improve the effects of other therapies and medications (In some cases, it can eliminate or reduce the need for medications for certain issues.) At Enterhealth, we continue to stay on the cutting edge of scientific research to bring you the best addiction treatment for you or your loved ones. Typical Neuromodulation treatment is administered in two-week intervals for up to six weeks. Combined with other therapies, Neuromodulation accelerates the restoration of the patient’s normal brain state, allowing the patient to feel better, enjoy a better quality of life, and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Four Steps to Restoring the Brain

  • Evaluation: QEEG brain scan to determine your individual brain’s natural harmonic frequency
  • Data analysis and design of a personalized protocol for each patient
  • Neuromodulation treatment using magnetic stimulation
  • Periodic QEEG brain scans to monitor progress, modify treatment and reach harmony

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