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Thank You Enterhealth Team For The Difference You Make

By October 23, 2015July 8th, 2022No Comments

This Saturday, October 24, is National Make A Difference Day, which pays tribute to the millions of people who have united in the common mission to improve the lives of others. In observance, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the team of experts and professionals at Enterhealth Ranch and Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence – the physicians and nurses, therapists, technicians, culinary crew, health and wellness experts, administrators and facility supervisors and caretakers. We appreciate all that they do every day to improve and make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. 

Just as with any other chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes, it takes a skilled and knowledgeable staff to create, manage and implement personalized programs for patients in order to treat their symptoms and get them on track to live a healthy, happy and productive life. It also takes special people with servant hearts who want to dedicate their lives to helping and healing others. You bring outstanding efforts and contributions to make a positive difference every day. 

So many of our patients feel the same way. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The techs, nursing staff and therapists go above and beyond to make the environment and experience truly a wonderful recovery environment. The focus on individualized treatment plans is one of a kind.” – KY 

“The therapists, doctors and techs were all kind and very supportive and helpful. The nursing staff was incredible and professional. The food was great. The out-processing was very organized and helpful by setting up appointments for me when I return to my hometown.” – JK 

“Overall I have been stunned by how wonderful this facility is. The employees are all wonderful from the doctors to the kitchen staff. The daily courses are extremely informative. I never expected to gain so much knowledge while in rehab. I believe that this facility is on the cutting edge of treating the disease of chemical dependence.” – JR 

“The medical staff’s approach was to evaluate and diagnose my conditions and treat appropriately. They clearly explain their understanding and approach. They take the time to answer questions and provide clear explanations.” – JP 

“I had the typical anxiety and skepticism that most people have upon arrival. The quality of the facility and staff, as well as the relaxed atmosphere, quickly relieved all anxiety.”    – KR

“When I realized I was being taken to rehab, I was completely against it. My experience at another facility had been a complete disaster and I believed no one could help me. But within hours of arrival at Enterhealth Ranch, I was impressed with the care shown by the staff and decided to give it a try. My therapist worked with me intensely to allow me to resolve my particular difficulties stemming from family and life issues. I was put on the path to sober living and rid myself of a painful past. Going forward, I have new coping and life skills needed to maintain happiness and sobriety.” – AB 

“Enterhealth Ranch has been extremely helpful to me during my recovery process. The staff is very caring and always there for me. The rooms were very nice; this place felt very homey. It’s a very peaceful place and the perfect environment to endure recovery.”    – GT  

“I cannot thank the doctors, therapists and the rest of the staff enough for enabling me to continue on with my journey to recovery. I don’t see a whole lot of difficulty in my future, although I know if will be hard! I have put forth the effort into what I need to do to stay sober, unlike the previous time I went to treatment! I believe I have a very effective plan in place in order to succeed in life.” – BF 

We’re proud of Enterhealth and its entire team. Thank you for everything you do to make a difference each and every day.