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The Enterhealth drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is unlike most treatment programs, which typically focus on only one aspect of the disease.  We listen to your story, your background, your addiction and what treatments you’ve tried in the past.  We then determine the best type of treatment for you, as an individual. Some individuals are at the stage where outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation is a viable option for recovery.  Others may need inpatient or outpatient drug and alohol detox.  Or a customized residential stay.  At Enterhealth, residential addiction treatment is not simply a more intensive form of outpatient therapy, a mere immersion in addiction recovery philosophy, or just a comfortable escape from an unpleasant alcohol or drug-using environment.  It is addiction disease management personalized to your specific needs for long-term recovery.

Enterhealth’s individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment offers the best chance for long-term recovery by treating the disease with a comprehensive medical and holistic approach, not a moral one.  Each treatment experience is customized for the individual client.  This means that we take into account the physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual aspects of each person.  Then, we target those areas using a blend of proven, evidence-based therapies and innovative psychotherapeutic techniques to create the right combination of tools for your personalized recovery strategy. Our responsibility is to facilitate a process of accelerated personal growth that accomplishes the following goals by the time an individual completes our program: 

  • To become a person who understands the medical disease of addiction
  • To become a physically healthier person
  • To become a person better equipped to handle the complexities of life (unexpected adversity; relationships; balance of love, work, and play)
  • To become a person who has adapted (or is willing to adapt) to a recovery-oriented lifestyle

Enterhealth offers a variety of comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs that provides individuals with the best chance of long-term sobriety.  Specific programs include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, brief interventions, relapse prevention, behavioral marital therapy, community reinforcement and contingency management, and adjunctive pharmacotherapy.

To learn more about Enterhealth’s Residential or Outpatient drug and alchol rehabilitation programs, call 1.800.388.4601 or contact us using this form to talk to your trusted advisor, today!