About Enterhealth

The Best Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Enterhealth is a premier addiction treatment company offering comprehensive programs designed to treat addiction as a chronic brain disease.  Whether you or a loved one needs individual outpatient care or intensive residential treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, Enterhealth provides a caring, supportive environment where you can better understand and practice the coping skills necessary for long-term sobriety. 

At Enterhealth’s residential and outpatient facilities, patients will have access to the latest scientific protocols and medical breakthroughs that block the effects of alcohol and drugs, lessen the effects of withdrawal and decrease cravings and desires.  Whether outpatient or residential, Enterhealth’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment offers the latest in anti-addiction medicines combined with individual, group and family therapy administered by our caring staff of trained addiction professionals. 

Addiction services include:

 •  Detox and Withdrawal Stabilization 
 • Anti-Addiction Medicines 
 • Neurological Testing & Treatments
 • Psychiatric Dual Diagnosis
 • Co-Occurring Medical Disease Treatment
 • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
 • Spirituality and Faith-based Programs
 • Residential Rehabilitation
 • Outpatient Programs and Services
 • Online Support and Tools 
 • Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Planning

Enterhealth’s evidence-based alcohol addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation treatment programs offer personalized residential and outpatient services in Dallas Texas, uniquely suited to where you are in your recovery journey.  

Call Enterhealth 24/7 at 800.388.4601 or email us for more information.  Don’t just get clean/sober.  Get well.