Reviews and Endorsements

Words of Praise from
Patients, Doctors and respected leaders
Ross Perot

“Addiction treatment has changed very little in this century. The lack of adoption of new treatment methods has left those in need with little hope. A friend recently introduced me to a facility that is changing the way drug and alcohol addiction is being treated. They employ some of the industry’s top experts, and treatment is based on the latest scientific research findings. When clients leave, they are peaking on all levels – psychologically, physically and emotionally. I encourage you to go to Enterhealth Ranch to see for yourself what they are doing to help Americans with addiction.”

Ross Perot

Founder of EDS

Founder of Perot Systems

Two-time US Presidential Candidate

Enterhealth has been singled out as the best addiction treatment in the country by leading addiction experts and visionary leaders alike. We have also received hundreds of notes from satisfied patients, families and referring professionals. Each of the following is unsolicited, and very much appreciated.

“Enterhealth Ranch is the top addiction treatment because of the comprehensiveness of the program, its practices, its scientific approach, its dual-diagnosis specialization and the skill level of their physicians and therapists.”

Dr. Walter Ling
Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA
Founding Director, Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, UCLA
Principal Investigator, National Institute on Drug Abuse

“A visionary facility, Enterhealth Ranch is raising the bar in drug and alcohol addiction treatment by providing the best outcomes. As the choice for employees of Baylor Health Care System, as well as the students and faculty of Southern Methodist University, I truly believe it will soon be the country’s leading addiction recovery management program.”

Albert Black
System Chair, Baylor Health Care System
Co-Founder and Owner, On-Target Supplies & Logistics

Dr. Thomas McLellan

As a person who has specialized in the evaluation of addiction treatment for 35 years, and who has seen more treatment programs than anyone, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a better program in concept, or in the fidelity of execution, than I’ve seen at Enterhealth Ranch.

Dr. Thomas McLellan

Founder and President of the Treatment Research Institute

Former US Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy