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Specific Counseling Services To Help With Specific Issues

Trauma Counseling

Trauma-related issues are a key contributor to drug or alcohol addiction and relapse. Unresolved trauma can negatively impact ones physical and emotional recovery. We offer a range of trauma therapies to help resolve painful emotions and memories from the past. Some of the therapies include Mindfulness, Post Induction Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). All of these therapies are designed to help clients deal with traumatic events from the past so they can deal with them in a productive, healthy manner in the future.

Stress Management and Wellness Counseling

Stress Management and Wellness counseling are vital elements of a successful recovery. Our professional staff provides individual nutritional assessments and recommendations to help patients establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also offer a variety of stress management services that help people cope with stressful situations in a productive way. Some of the stress management services we offer include: personalized fitness, yoga, Tui Na therapy and other Eastern medicine practices.

Career Counseling

For clients that are unemployed or have a history of frequent job changes, Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence can provide psychological testing to help clients identify their strengths and establish work-related goals. For young adults (age 18-24) who may be struggling with career choices, career counseling may be helpful in making work choices based on intellectual skills, personal interests and strengths. In addition, patients leaving Enterhealth Ranch and returning to work will often experience anxiety related to their return. Our team helps clients manage their anxiety and offers practical advice and tools that will make that return to work successful.