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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Substance Abuse Prevention, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 08/25/2017

By Elizabeth Weidmer-Mikhail, MD
High school and college years are full of transformational experiences, and they are often accompanied by a number of physical, mental and emotional changes. These years are also a time of experimentation, self-discovery and for many, it is when they begin to try things such as drugs and alcohol, and the addiction experts at Enterhealth, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment company, want to help parents understand some of the ways they can educate their children as they return to school.

Dual Diagnosis, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 03/08/2017

By Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA
Chief Medical Strategist
Enterhealth, a premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment company, recently had the honor of hosting the “Enterhealth and Eating Recovery Center Luncheon,” featuring speakers from each organization. Representing Enterhealth was chief medical strategist Harold Urschel, M.D., MMA. Speaking for Eating Recovery Center of Dallas, an international center for eating disorder recovery, was medical director Stephanie Setliff, M.D.

Family Support & Help, Substance Abuse Prevention, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 08/01/2016

Ideally, you’ve already had conversations with your child as they’ve ventured through middle school and high school about the dangers of substance abuse – things such as alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. However, as your child inches closer to adulthood, the tone of the conversation needs to shift from enforcement to helping your child understand how the scope of their decisions impacts their future. Remember to make it feel like a conversation, not a lecture.

Family Support & Help, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 11/06/2015

Parents of the junior class at Highland Park High School – the Junior Lunch Bunch – hosted an eye-opening program on Nov. 3, “How to Protect Your Family from Drugs and Alcohol,” presented by Dr. Harold Urschel, MD, MMA, chief medical strategist for Enterhealth.

More than two dozen parents attended the lunch program at Dunston’s Steakhouse to hear Urschel’s powerful message about the impact of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain. Frances Jones and Audrey Schmit co-chaired the event and are pictured with Dr. Urschel in the photo.