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Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Family Support & Help, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts : 04/20/2018

By Elizabeth Weidmer-Mikhail, MD, Psychiatrist, Enterhealth Ranch Medical Director

Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Top Addictive Substances, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts : 03/28/2018

by Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA, Enterhealth Chief Medical Strategist


Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the use and/or possession of marijuana for any purpose is a federal crime. Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, meaning that it is determined to have a high potential for abuse and (currently) no accepted medical use.


Dual Diagnosis, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts, Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments : 02/21/2018

When it comes to effectively treating drug and alcohol addiction, the treatment professionals at Enterhealth agree that a successful recovery is most often the result of multiple components working together to treat not just the addiction, but also the underlying psychological issues, physical ailments and real-life stressors which may have shaped the addiction in the first place.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts, Substance Abuse Prevention : 05/31/2017

What’s the difference?
Substance Abuse, simply put, is the use of any substance in a manner for which it is not intended and/or amounts which are excessive and chronic. Examples include using pain medication to feel pleasure or euphoria, as well as binge drinking alcohol. However, in the abuse phase a person can understand that there is a problem and can stop using.