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Dual Diagnosis, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts, Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments : 02/21/2018

When it comes to effectively treating drug and alcohol addiction, the treatment professionals at Enterhealth agree that a successful recovery is most often the result of multiple components working together to treat not just the addiction, but also the underlying psychological issues, physical ailments and real-life stressors which may have shaped the addiction in the first place.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Dual Diagnosis, Health & Wellness After Addiction : 09/22/2017

By Dr. Elizabeth Weidmer-Mikhail, MD

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Dual Diagnosis : 06/26/2017

What is EMDR Therapy, and How Does it Work?
By Cara McLeod MA, LPC, EMDR-Trained Clinician
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective psychotherapy technique which has helped an estimated 2 million people of all ages by relieving the symptoms of many types of psychological distress.

Dual Diagnosis, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 03/08/2017

By Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA
Chief Medical Strategist
Enterhealth, a premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment company, recently had the honor of hosting the “Enterhealth and Eating Recovery Center Luncheon,” featuring speakers from each organization. Representing Enterhealth was chief medical strategist Harold Urschel, M.D., MMA. Speaking for Eating Recovery Center of Dallas, an international center for eating disorder recovery, was medical director Stephanie Setliff, M.D.