Drug & Alcohol Addiction Assessments

The better the addiction assessment
the better the results

Because each patient has unique characteristics surrounding his or her drug or alcohol addiction, treatment at Enterhealth Ranch begins with a comprehensive medical and psychological drug and alcohol addiction assessment. In order to determine the most important areas of clinical concern, each assessment includes personality and neurocognitive testing, a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, an addiction severity assessment and an addiction-related quality of life assessment.

As we conduct our drug and alcohol addiction evaluation, we take into account all physical, psychological, neurological, spiritual and relational aspects of each patient’s life. This in-depth assessment allows our board-certified, addiction-trained physicians, psychiatrists and therapists to develop a highly personalized drug or alcohol addiction treatment plan that is exactly the right plan for your loved one. In general, this comprehensive evaluation process takes between 3 to 7 days.

Once a personalized addiction treatment plan is completed, the patient’s progress is regularly monitored – and treatment is coordinated – by our entire medical, psychological and therapeutic team. At Enterhealth Ranch, our PhD- or Masters-level therapists provide regular feedback, including continuous assessments of mood, level of engagement with treatment, rapport with therapists and other patients, physical health, completion of recovery assignments and response to anti-addiction medications. All information is consolidated into a personal feedback report that will inform the patient and his or her family of recovery progress.