Continuing Care Support Program

helping now
and forever

The program offered at Enterhealth Ranch and Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence is designed to prepare your loved one for life after treatment. We have found that using a personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan that includes therapy and the use of anti-addiction medication can cause cravings to subside and, eventually, disappear. Unfortunately, the triggers will be there forever. That is why a continuing care program is always recommended, regardless of the length of the residential stay or type of outpatient program. 
Continuing care involves a variety of options tailored to suit the unique aspects of your loved one's personality and where they are in their recovery. For example, if he or she prefers a sober living environment, we will help find one. If they want to continue with the Enterhealth wellness program, we will help them locate a suitable trainer and/or nutritionist with whom to work. If they prefer to attend a peer-based support program, we can help locate a group with convenient meeting times and locations.
The purpose of continuing care is for everyone involved to stay actively aware and engaged with your loved one's personal recovery and to always be seeking new and more effective ways to help them self-sooth and appropriately satisfy personal needs and wants in a healthy, non-destructive, effective manner.