Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatments, Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts, Substance Abuse Prevention : 05/31/2017

By Dr. Joshua Masino, PsyD
Executive Director and Neuropsychologist at Enterhealth
What’s the difference?
Substance Abuse, simply put, is the use of any substance in a manner for which it is not intended and/or amounts which are excessive and chronic. Examples include using pain medication to feel pleasure or euphoria, as well as binge drinking alcohol. However, in the abuse phase a person can understand that there is a problem and can stop using.

Substance Abuse Prevention, Top Addictive Substances : 04/18/2017

By Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA
Chief Medical Strategist
The dangers of alcohol use and abuse affect all aspects of peoples’ lives, including their health and safety, their ability to work, their job performance, as well as their social and family life, to name a few. As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, Enterhealth, a Dallas-based drug and alcohol addiction company, wants to help educate people and let them know that while alcohol addiction is one of the most prevalent forms of substance abuse, it also has the highest success rate when it comes to treatment.

Miscellaneous Drug & Alcohol Posts : 03/24/2017

By Scott Trout, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Enterhealth Ranch and Enterhealth Outpatient of Excellence
A New and Alarming Trend

Dual Diagnosis, Youths And Drug & Alcohol Addiction : 03/08/2017

By Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA
Chief Medical Strategist
Enterhealth, a premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment company, recently had the honor of hosting the “Enterhealth and Eating Recovery Center Luncheon,” featuring speakers from each organization. Representing Enterhealth was chief medical strategist Harold Urschel, M.D., MMA. Speaking for Eating Recovery Center of Dallas, an international center for eating disorder recovery, was medical director Stephanie Setliff, M.D.