Leadership & Staff Bios

David M. Kniffen, Jr. – President, Enterhealth

Kniffen leads all facets of the company’s delivery services, including substance abuse treatment centers, counseling, and online recovery services through Enterhealth.com. Kniffen’s experience includes positions as senior vice president of corporate development and general counsel for The Point Group, a Dallas-based marketing communications firm, and attorney with the Dallas law firm of Meadows, Owens, Collier, Reed, Cousins and Blau. He earned an undergraduate degree in marketing from Southern Methodist University and is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University School of Law. Kniffen also holds a Master of Law degree from New York University School of Law.

Dr. Harold C. Urschel III, MD, MMA – Chief Medical Strategist

Dr. Urschel is chief medical strategist at Enterhealth, LLC and one of the most influential and coveted speakers nationally on substance abuse and the latest opportunities that exist today to treat the disease of addiction. Dr. Urschel’s comprehensive approach to treating addiction, along with his determination to educate those in the industry who are less than willing to embrace innovative treatment methods, were the impetus to create Enterhealth, an addiction disease management company.  He has guided Enterhealth to create the world’s finest residential treatment program for dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, recognized by industry publications, peers, national talk show hosts and even competitors. Dr. Urschel and the clinical team at Enterhealth are currently implementing the most advanced, science-based treatment protocols, incorporating pharmacotherapy into client-centered treatment plans that address the psychological, spiritual and relational aspects of addiction.

In a short period of time, Enterhealth, under Dr. Urschel’s leadership, has become the industry leader in how the treatment of addiction can move beyond traditional approaches that have struggled for the past 40 years to show improved outcomes. Dr. Urschel has incorporated his visionary approach to treating addiction into the New York Times best seller, Healing the Addicted Brain, a must read for individuals who want to better understand the chronic disease of addiction.

Through the advanced treatment protocols influenced by Dr. Urschel, Enterhealth offers a better way to recover from addiction at its residential treatment facility located just north of Dallas on a 43-acre campus of tree-studded, prairie grassland and through EnterhealthSupport.com, an online advanced recovery program, providing interactive modules that utilize the most advanced addiction behavior modification techniques to promote wellness and prevention as well as critical support across all phases of alcohol and drug addiction recovery. 

Scott Trout – VP of Operations

Scott Trout is VP of Operations for Enterhealth Ranch.  He is responsible for support services, supervising wellness and fitness programs as well as working in dietary and facility operations. Scott received his master's degree in physical therapy from The University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining Enterhealth, he worked as director of physical therapy at Theracare Home Health in Texarkana, Texas and staff physical therapist at Christus St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana, Texas.

Enterhealth’s medically driven alcohol addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation treatment offers personalized residential and outpatient programs in Texas, uniquely suited to where you are in your recovery journey.  

Call Enterhealth 24/7 at 800.388.4601 or email us for more information.  Don’t just get clean/sober.  Get well.